During Music Fest Northwest Sept 9-10 2011, Sept 8-9 2012, Sept 6-7 2013, Ace Hotel in downtown Portland invited Jackpot! Recording to set up a small recording area in their mezzanine and record a succession of artists live against the clatter of Stumptown espresso machines and hotel guests coming and going. Each artist had half an hour to record one or more songs, all captured live to stereo. Here we will present tracks from these sessions for free download.

Many thanks to the artists involved for signing up and dropping in. Thanks as well to Ryan Bukstein and the staff of Ace Hotel for being game to try this out and being as accommodating as could be, and to Stumptown Coffee for hooking us up with delicious drinks. Gear thanks to Scott Hampton for loaning us his mixer. All recordings engineered by Larry Crane with Kendra Lynn (2011) and Adam Lee (2012/13) assisting. Songs are presented courtesy of the performers.

New 2013 Sessions!

[DOWNLOAD] No Pressure
The Alialujah Choir
[DOWNLOAD] From the Ground
[DOWNLOAD] Way Too Soon
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
[DOWNLOAD] Idea & Deed
[DOWNLOAD] On My Way Home Again
[DOWNLOAD] You Have Cum in Your Hair and Your Dick is Hanging Out
[DOWNLOAD] Time to be Clear
[DOWNLOAD] Chateau
[DOWNLOAD] Strange Dream
[DOWNLOAD] Sucker Punched
[DOWNLOAD] Twin Falls
The Heligoats
[DOWNLOAD] 2 Cycle Engine
[DOWNLOAD] Heatvents
[DOWNLOAD] Drai Zich
[DOWNLOAD] Tofutti!
Isaac Pierce
[DOWNLOAD] Magnetic Minds
[DOWNLOAD] Looking Up Seeing Waves
[DOWNLOAD] The Clearing
[DOWNLOAD] Warm Bruise
Martyn Leaper
[DOWNLOAD] It's Gonna Break Out
[DOWNLOAD] Jubilee
[DOWNLOAD] Fairweather Friend
[DOWNLOAD] Now I Can Smile
Mission Spotlight
[DOWNLOAD] Old Records
[DOWNLOAD] Disappear
[DOWNLOAD] All Over Town
Mount Eerie
[DOWNLOAD] Clear Moon
[DOWNLOAD] Great Ghosts
[DOWNLOAD] My Burning
Old Age
[DOWNLOAD] Only Hope
[DOWNLOAD] Only Love
[DOWNLOAD] Crooked Guns
[DOWNLOAD] Christina's Song
Pat Kearns
[DOWNLOAD] A Desert Rain
[DOWNLOAD] I See the Light (Some of Us Never Will)
[DOWNLOAD] A Woman's Heart
[DOWNLOAD] Will You Come With Me
[DOWNLOAD] Ramble Scramble
[DOWNLOAD] Revise Your Maps
[DOWNLOAD] Cruel Whisk

2012 Sessions!

And And And
[DOWNLOAD] Animals
Blue Skies for Black Hearts
[DOWNLOAD] Call Off Your Dogs
[DOWNLOAD] Majoring in the Arts
[DOWNLOAD] Nothing Came in the Mail
Christine Havrilla
[DOWNLOAD] Waiting
[DOWNLOAD] Buzz Kill
[DOWNLOAD] Fortune Teller
Death Songs
[DOWNLOAD] In A Perfect Storm on Fire
[DOWNLOAD] Natuarally
[DOWNLOAD] Tired of Waiting Around
Donovan Edwards
[DOWNLOAD] Champion
[DOWNLOAD] Politician
Edna Vazquez
[DOWNLOAD] La Corriente (The Current)
[DOWNLOAD] Liberal
[DOWNLOAD] Sanas (Heal)
Emily Wells
[DOWNLOAD] Come to Me
[DOWNLOAD] Fire Song
[DOWNLOAD] Los Angeles
[DOWNLOAD] Mama's Gonna Give You Love
Fanno Creek
[DOWNLOAD] I Am Learning
[DOWNLOAD] I Can't Get There
[DOWNLOAD] In the Sun
[DOWNLOAD] Sew My Mouth Shut
[DOWNLOAD] What Am I Thinking
Fault Lines
[DOWNLOAD] Shadows
[DOWNLOAD] Wicked Thirst
Fen Wik Ren
[DOWNLOAD] Earth & Consequence
[DOWNLOAD] Poison Pen
[DOWNLOAD] Rainmakers
Gary Ogan
[DOWNLOAD] I Understand
[DOWNLOAD] I Wanna Live
[DOWNLOAD] Showtime
[DOWNLOAD] The Guide to Better Songwriting
[DOWNLOAD] True to You
[DOWNLOAD] You Found the Light
Holcombe Waller
[DOWNLOAD] Baby Blue
[DOWNLOAD] Moses Says
[DOWNLOAD] Rish of Change
Mission Spotlight
[DOWNLOAD] What It Takes
Old Light
[DOWNLOAD] Empty Head
[DOWNLOAD] Ocean Waves
[DOWNLOAD] Volcano
Radiation City
[DOWNLOAD] Find It of Use
[DOWNLOAD] Summer Is Not An Act I
Rebecca Gates
[DOWNLOAD] &&& (plus)
[DOWNLOAD] Lure and Cast
[DOWNLOAD] The Curl of the Coast
RFK Heise
[DOWNLOAD] Hard Luck

2011 Sessions

Barry Brusseau
[DOWNLOAD] "He's Coming Back" (take 2)
[DOWNLOAD] "When You're Ready (One, Two, Three)"
Blue Iris
[DOWNLOAD] "3 Eye"
[DOWNLOAD] "Carmel Brown"
[DOWNLOAD] "Sleep"
[DOWNLOAD] "The King's Orchestrated Mayhem"
[DOWNLOAD] "You Wanted To Know"
Brooke Parrott
[DOWNLOAD] "Buried" (take 2)
[DOWNLOAD] "Waterproof"
Ezza Rose
[DOWNLOAD] "County Line"
[DOWNLOAD] "Untitled"
Jesse Johnson
[DOWNLOAD] "He Doesn't Love You"
John Heart Jackie
[DOWNLOAD] "Hook in My Arm"
[DOWNLOAD] "Love Hurts"
[DOWNLOAD] "Mary Anne"
[DOWNLOAD] "Women and Money"
Juan Prophet Organization
[DOWNLOAD] "His Head is Not Right"
[DOWNLOAD] "Off With Your Head"
[DOWNLOAD] "Pirate"
[DOWNLOAD] "Prep Hum"
[DOWNLOAD] "Underwater Theme"
Loch Lomond
[DOWNLOAD] "Made of Ink"
[DOWNLOAD] "Wax and Wire"
[DOWNLOAD] "Your Eyes You're Right"
Mike Coykendall
[DOWNLOAD] "Yer Movin' Where?
Mission Spotlight
[DOWNLOAD] "Is Love" (take 2)
Pancake Breakfast
[DOWNLOAD] "Carrie Corn"
[DOWNLOAD] "I've Been Saved"
[DOWNLOAD] "Portland Town USA"
Patti King
[DOWNLOAD] "Cheer Up"
[DOWNLOAD] "City Beats"
[DOWNLOAD] "Come On Out"
[DOWNLOAD] "Sunken Ship"
[DOWNLOAD] "You Don't Mind"
[DOWNLOAD] "Bedbug Town"
Sean Croghan
[DOWNLOAD] "Ghost Town"
[DOWNLOAD] "Gotta Let Her Go'
[DOWNLOAD] "Improv"
[DOWNLOAD] "Lonely Town"
[DOWNLOAD] "The Wrong Gospel Song"

Technical Notes:
All songs were tracked live via an assortment of eight microphones, mixed to stereo through a small mixing console (Allen & Heath Mix Wizard in 2013) and into Pro Tools via an Apogee Duet 2 (Digi 002 in 2011). No compression was used (besides a master bus compressor in 2013), and a very slight amount of EQ was applied via the console.